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     Hi, my name is Carol Allen and I have lived in Matagorda since 1978, working real estate in this area since 1979.  WOW- HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED. The bridge has been completed and the view is awesome.,LCRA has a large park at the mouth of the river and resort property has really taken off. We want to welcome our winter Texans also as they RV here in Matagorda. So much more is going on. Call us for updates.    

     Aside from the many real estate schools I have attended, which have included valuation of properties, law courses, home building, appraisal courses, marketing, and others, I also trained under Century 21 and Red Carpet Real Estate before starting my own office in 1983, but even more important, is the fact that I have concentrated in a twenty five  mile radius around Matagorda, Selkirk, and Bay City, servicing and specializing in this area. We know our waterfront property and we know this area, especially the  twenty five mile area which includes Bay City, the Colorado River, Intracoastal Waterway and the Gulf of Mexico properties.

     We are native Texans who moved to Matagorda when my husband retired from military service. This makes us familiar with the Texas Veterans and Veterans Programs. We can help you see if you qualify for financing and we can help you find a conventional lender for this area.

    Property here is going as some say "Out of Sight". That may be true in more ways than one. First with the Coastal Barrier Resources Act placing more that 34,000 acres of Matagorda County into COBRA, it is like, "What you see is what you get". There is very little land available to build on below the Intracoastal Canal. This means that the land that is available is most desirable. We have the demand, but our supply is limited.

     We have five great fishing areas here that includes access to the Gulf of Mexico, Colorado River, Intracoastal Canal, East and West Matagorda Bay.  

There are so many different species of birds here that we have been #1 in the yearly  count. Each year on the bird count some rare birds are spotted in the area.

Matagorda  may be small, but  there is always has some activity or something to interest you that is going on, be it shelling, swimming, boating, canoeing, fishing or just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Bay City has much to offer too, especially with the youth, 4-H, County Fair, golfing, swimming, bowling, dance schools and more. 

We are located in the town of Matagorda and feel we know it best. Give us a call.
Carol Allen
Carol Allen
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