Welcome To Our Town!

Matagorda is a small unique town located on the Gulf of Mexico with approximately 23 miles of untamed beach on the East side of the Colorado River  and a really untamed Beach on the many miles on the West side of the Colorado River obtained  only by boat or plane.
We usually say that there are 700 people here in the winter and 2,500 in the summer. Really there seems to have been no official separation of the people in the town other than being counted as part of the county.

We are now getting "Winter Texans" and we welcome them.

Lots of history in this town. Established before the Texas Revolution. Once the county seat of Matagorda County.  Two of the oldest churches in Texas. The oldest cemetery. Several homes are over 100 years old.

If you are into birding, Matagorda County has been ranked first in the nation for their winter bird count. There are a couple of guide who will take out parties for birding trips.

We have several fishing guides. Wade fishing, bay fishing and trips into the Gulf of Mexico.

Children of all ages  (2 years to 100+ years) like looking for shells on the beach while the waves chase you closer to shore.

We are almost surrounded by water here.  We have the Intracoastal Canal, which runs from Florida to Texas, the Gulf of Mexico, the Colorado River, East Matagorda Bay and West Matagorda Bay. It is a fisherman's paradise.

LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority) has a Nature Park located at the Mouth of the Colorado River and the Gulf of Mexico.

Bay City has a Nature Park located on Highway 35 and the Colorado River.
Take a look at our county and area through "Welcome To Matagorda County" you tube 

Carol Allen
Carol Allen
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